Martin חיים Berlove
creator, thinker, polymath
Summary of Experience
Selected Projects / Achievements / Activities
Calm Speech Project[In Progress]
Goal: Achieve a better society through better communication.
Reviving a Commodore64 for a company hackathon
Completed coursework in data science and analytics
A short guide to help people learn new tools and frameworks with less hassle
Received Mongo DB developer certification
A small task list app made using Ruby's Hanami framework
Decided to kill two birds with one stone and make a productivity app for myself while learning a newer framework.
Simple Trello tasklist integration using PHP
Customized Vi[m] themes
Much to my surprise, I've become something of a vim adherent, enough to want my own themes to suit my preferences.
Conceptual game made for Github Game Off 2016
A better way to think about the money you spend
Extensible interface for demonstrating graph theory fundamentals.
Pong clone in JQM that supports touch.
Learning German language, spoken and written
Through the use of Duolingo, textbooks, online tutoring, and immersion, I hope to bring my skills up to a level for day to day communication with native speakers and to read technical papers written in German.
Explorations in music creation
A variety of raytraces for fun and education
Video-based classes on various topics in computing
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